Concrete separation walls

There are many applications imaginable using a separation wall made of concrete. You could use them to create a silage pit to store different kinds of materials. To build these walls you could use ready-made blocks but these blocks are very costly. That is what Superblock is for. We offer you the possibility to produce your own concrete blocks at any location. With our industrial concrete moulds u will be flexible all the time and have the possibility to make your own concrete blocks for concrete separation walls.

Applications of concrete separation walls

With Superblock moulds u can produce perfect concrete blocks yourself wherever and whenever you need them. The concrete blocks made with our moulds have various applications due to the easy with which they can be stacked without the need of glue or mortar. With our moulds you will be able to create perfect concrete separation walls. A few application with the separation walls are:

  • Silage pits
  • Retainer walls
  • Industrial storage
  • Fire resistance

Evidently, the purposes with our concrete moulds can be endless. By stacking your concrete blocks into concrete separation walls you can store a lot of material. Also, you create a retainer wall and push up materials with a shovel.

About Superblock

Superblock is a supplier of concrete moulds. We offer these moulds in various shapes an sizes. Every concrete mould is produced in-house with the best materials. This way we can guarantee you concrete moulds of industrial quality. Besides our regular assortment, we are able to make moulds to measure. So for every kind of concrete mould, Superblock is your supplier. With our moulds you will be able to produce perfect concrete blocks. You will never be depending on an expensive supplier of ready-made concrete blocks ever again.

Also want to produce yourself?

Do you want to make your own concrete separation walls? Choose our industrial quality moulds. With our moulds u will always be able to create a perfect concrete separation wall. So request your quote today!