With the Superblock molds you can easily produce a diverse range of stackable concrete blocks. These concrete blocks can be used for many purposes. The blocks can be stacked up to retaining walls, trench silos or a completely industrial building. In addition, the blocks can also be used flexibly as a road narrowing or anti-parking element.

The big advantage of the blocks is therefore the endless flexibility. No mortar or glue is required for the construction, because the construction is based solely on the weight and the studs of the blocks. This means that a building can be supplemented, demolished or moved at any time.

Concrete blocks as a silage pitSILAGE PIT
Two walls of blocks are placed in the construction of trench silos. In between, goods are then stored such as cattle feed, manure or recycling material. The molds 160x80x80 cm and 180x60x60 cm are ideal for this because of the weight of the blocks produced.




Storage pit and retaining walls from SuperblockRETAINING WALLS
Flexible retaining walls are used for the storage of all kinds of materials. This solution is popular with construction companies, recycling organizations and transshipment places in ports. In particular, the simple expansion, construction and fast commissioning are important reasons for many growing organizations to opt for this type of construction. Again, the 160x80x80 cm molds are a frequently used model. In addition, much use is made of the mold 160x80x80 / 90 ° roof and the partition wall 80 × 80 cm. With the help of this, a strong wall is built with a sloping finish. Material therefore always ends up in the box.


Parking prevention SuperblockPARKING PREVENTION
Anti-parking elements are used in restaurants, road works and events. Sometimes even equipped with reflective plates, these concrete blocks exclude passenger cars and trucks where they are not desired.



Fire resistant concrete blocksFIRE REISTANCE
Other purposes have to do with slowing down fire and limiting damage. Depending on the concrete used, blocks that are produced with the Superblock molds can be fire-retardant for up to four hours. For this reason, the choice for concrete blocks is often made quickly for storing recycling material such as old car tires.



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