Concrete block mould 160x80x40 cm

The concrete block mould 160x80x40 cm is an alternative to the concrete block mould 160x80x80 cm with half the height.Superblock concrete block 160x80x40 groot These moulds are made with the same precision and industrial quality materials, which assures you the same durability as the other Superblock moulds. Concrete blocks 160x80x40 cm are used for solutions which ask for great flexibility as well as heavy performance. Beacause of the fact that the concrete blocks are half the weight they are handier in use than the 160x80x80 cm blocks. However, they still have the right specifications to suffice for the building of storage boxes of silo’s.


Specifications of the concrete block mould 160x80x40:

  • 8 studs which fit together when stacked
  • Flexible in use because the blocks are half the weight of the regular 160x80x80 cm blocks
  • Still very suitable for industrial usage
  • Determine the concrete mixture with every use!


To finish walls build with concrete blocks 160x80x40 cm you can use the partition wall 80×40 cm and the concrete block mould 160x80x40 cm top flat.


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