Concrete block mould 160x40x80 cm

The Superblock concrete block mould 160x40x80 cm is very suited to make concrete blocks which are narrow and high.Superblock concrete block 160x40x80 groot These concrete blocks are ideal to create narrow but stable separations because they take in less space than blocks of 80 cm wide. The blocks are used with the separation of gardens and other terrains.

When you are planning on storing materials against you separation wall, the usage of concrete block moulds for bigger concrete blocks are advised. For example: the concrete block mould 160x80x80 cm and 180x60x60 cm are able to withstand more force.


Specifications of the concrete block mould 160x40x80:

  • 4 studs which fit perfectly together when stacked
  • Possibility to create narrow structures
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Decide the mixture of concrete with every pouring!


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