With Superblock moulds you can easily produce a broad range of stackable concrete blocks. These blocks are useable for many different purposes. They can be stacked together to create silage pits, retaining walls or even a full-on industrial building. Furthermore, the blocks can be used as anti-parking elements or as a collision prevention.

The great advantage of concrete blocks is the endless flexibility. While building with these blocks there is no need for cement or glue because of the lego-like connection. Thanks to this way of building a structure can always be expanded, disconnected or even moved entirely.



Superblock Silage pits

Silage pits are constructed of two walls of concrete blocks. In between these walls goods are stored such as cattle food, manure or recycling waste. Suiting blocks for these kinds of solutions are made with moulds 160x80x80 cm and 180x60x60 cm.









Superblock Retaining walls

Flexible retaining walls are used to store a variety of materials. This is a popular solution with construction, recycling and port handling companies. Many growing companies find the main plus of these solutions is the simplicity of expansion, construction and direct commissioning. Also for these constructions, 160x80x80 cm moulds are very effective. Furthermore, the mould 160x80x80/90° roof and 80×80 cm partition wall are great additions. With these accessories a wall can be build with half and whole blocks and a roof. This creates a sturdier wall and makes material fall into the boxes.







Superblock Anti parking element

Anti-parking elements are used at restaurants, road work and events. Sometimes even equipped with reflecting stickers or plates, these blocks keep cars and lorries away from forbidden places. The ideal concrete blocks for this purpose are made with 160x80x40 cm moulds. The blocks made with this mould are half the height of a regular 160x80x80 cm block, which makes them easier to place. Still these blocks are heavy enough to keep cars and lorries away. To move the anti-parking elements even faster the use of forklift sleeves is advised. These sleeves make it possible to move the concrete blocks with just a regular forklift, without the need for a crane and clamp.








Superblock fire resistance

Depending on the type of concrete mixture, blocks made with Superblock moulds can be fire resistant up to four hours. Therefore the blocks are a popular a solution with recycling companies of flammable recycling material like tires or paper.






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