Purchasing concrete blocks

Purchasing concrete blocks? Are you looking for the perfect supplier of concrete block moulds? So you will never have to buy concrete blocks again? Then Superblock will be the supplier for you! Our name says it all, we offer concrete block moulds of Super strong, industrial quality. With our moulds you will be able to produce perfect concrete blocks yourself. These concrete blocks are easily stacked without the need for glue or mortar. You can choose whether you will buy your concrete blocks or if you will produce them at your own demand.

Purchasing concrete blocks?

With Superblock moulds you are able to produce perfect concrete blocks yourself, whenever and wherever you need them. The concrete blocks produced with these moulds have many applications and are easy and flexible to use because there is no glue or mortar needed to stack them. A few examples of applications for the concrete blocks are:

  • Silage pits
  • Retainer walls
  • Parking prevention
  • Fire resistance

For whichever application you will need concrete blocks, with Superblock moulds you are able to easily produce concrete blocks when needed.

Purchase or produce them yourself?

Of course you can choose to use concrete blocks which are already produced, even though these are more expensive than creating your own. This is caused by the fact that mainly the transport of the blocks is very expensive. By producing concrete blocks on location with a Superblock mould, you always have the right amount of concrete blocks without the need to purchase them for an expensive price.

Contact us!

So do you want to be flexible and produce your own blocks? Or are you done with purchasing concrete blocks when you can also start creating your own very easily? Contact Superblock today. We are happy to supply you with concrete block moulds of heavy, industrial quality. Call us on +31 40 298 93 21 of send us an email through info@superblock.eu for a suitable offer.