Concrete partition wall

Do you want to use a concrete partition wall? For example, for setting up a silage pit or temporary storage? This is obviously a great idea. Using concrete blocks allows you to easily and quickly create temporary partition walls. But how do you obtain these concrete blocks? You can easily produce them yourself with the Superblock concrete block moulds!

Applications of concrete partition walls

With a concrete partition wall you can imagine different applications very easily. By using our concrete block moulds you enable yourself to create your own concrete blocks so you can build a concrete partition wall at any given time. Withc such a wall you can consider the following applications:

  • Silage pits
  • Retainer walls
  • Parking prevention
  • Fire-resistance

The use of a concrete partition wall has many advantages. The blocks are very flexible for usage in the applications mentioned above. There is no need for the use of glue or mortar.

Fire resistant

The concrete partition walls produced with our industrial moulds have the great advantage to be fire resistant. This enables you to store, for example, recycling materials without a problem. You will be able to store old car tyres between two concrete partition walls without worrying. The concrete blocks are fire resistant up to 4 hours, which adds even more safety to these partition walls.

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