Concrete blocks

Concrete blocks have many applications and are therefore an easy way to quickly build various buildings. Now you can choose to buy concrete blocks and get ready to come to your location. However, this is often an expensive and difficult operation due to the transport of the large concrete blocks. Fortunately, Superblock has the perfect solution. We supply moulds with which you can produce concrete blocks yourself. This way you always have the right amount of concrete blocks and you are not dependent on a supplier.

Applications of concrete blocks

With the Superblock moulds you can make the perfect concrete blocks yourself, wherever and whenever you need them. The concrete blocks you make with our moulds have many applications and are easy and flexible because no mortar or adhesive is needed to stack them on top of each other. Some applications of the concrete blocks are:

  • Slotted silo
  • Retaining walls
  • Anti-parking element
  • Fire delay

For which application you also need concrete blocks, with the moulds from Superblock you can produce concrete blocks yourself when there is a demand.

The best moulds for concrete blocks

Superblock supplies a wide range of different concrete blocks of different sizes. All our moulds are produced with the best quality materials. This makes our moulds very durable so they last for years. In addition to the standard moulds in our range, we can also produce moulds with different dimensions thanks to our flexible production process. Nothing is too crazy. Would you like to know more about our assortment or moulds with special dimensions? Please contact us, we will gladly give you more information and also discuss all the possibilities with you.

Producing concrete blocks?

Do you want to produce concrete blocks yourself, for example for a trench silo, retaining walls or another application? Then choose the industrial quality moulds from Superblock. With our moulds you make the perfect concrete blocks for all conceivable applications. Contact us today and ask for a quote!