Concrete block moulds from Superblock

Would you like to produce concrete blocks yourself and use the best concrete block moulds doing this? Contact Superblock today, thé supplier of concrete block moulds. We supply concrete block moulds in various shapes and sizes. Using our moulds, you will always produce the best concrete blocks. The Superblock moulds are also very durable because we only use the best materials.

Different concrete block moulds

Superblock offers you various types of concrete block moulds. As a result, we always have the right mould for you. For example, with our concrete block moulds you can always produce the perfect concrete blocks for different purposes. We offer the following types of concrete block moulds in various sizes:

  • Concrete block moulds with studs
  • Concrete block moulds top flat
  • Concrete block moulds special
  • Separation walls
  • Moulds made to measure

As you can see we have the right mould for every application. Even when you search for a mould that does not meet our standard dimensions. Due to our flexible production process, we are able to meet your wishes. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities of a custom made mould.

Advantage of our moulds

You could choose to buy concrete blocks that have already been produced, but these are a lot more expensive than producing your own concrete blocks. Transporting the blocks is especially expensive. By making the concrete blocks on the spot using a Superblock mould you always have the right amount of concrete blocks wherenever and whereever you need them, without having to buy them.

Contact us!

Do you want to produce your own concrete blocks? Choose the Superblock concrete block Moulds. Contact us today, we would be happy to supply you with concrete block moulds of industrial quality. Call us today at +31 40 298 93 21 or email us at for a suitable offer.