Concrete block mould 180x60x60 90° roof

Superblock concrete block 180x60x60 90 roofEven for the biggest Superblock mould we offer a roof-model version. Because even the largest industrial storage solutions can use the advantages of a neat roof finish. Produce the blocks with the concrete block mould 180x60x60 90º roof and use them as a finishing layer on your walls. This not only results in a neat finish, it also prevents material from stayin on top of the walls. Due to all material rolling into the storage box, you can even extend the lifespan of your concrete blocks.


Specifications of the concrete block mould 180x60x60 90º roof:

  • Biggest, heaviest, industrial concrete blocks
  • Roof-model
  • Stud construction underneath


The blocks produced with this mould are equipped with 12 holes underneath which makes it fit perfectly with the regular blocks of 180x60x60 cm.


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