Concrete block mould 160x80x80 cm

Superblock concrete block 160x80x80 grootThe Superblock concrete block mould 160x80x80 cm is designed to be of a heavy, industrial quality. This ensures the production of a neatly finished stackable concrete block time after time. The concrete blocks 160x80x80 cm are used with a variety of industrial uses. De specifications of the end-product are suitable to endure great power. Therefore, the blocks are used to build industrial storage, retainer walls and silo’s. Stored materials can be: ores, recycling material, manure or fodder.


Specifications of the concrete block mould 160x80x80:

  • 8 studs which fit together when stacked
  • High weight concrete blocks
  • Bigger size concrete blocks
  • Most used model when building with concrete blocks


Besides the regular concrete block 160x80x80 cm, half and top flat blocks can be used. These concrete blocks enable you to build a clean and neatly finished wall. To make these blocks, you can use the Superblock partition wall 80×80 cm and concrete block mould 160x80x80 cm top flat.



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