Concrete block mould 160x40x80 cm top flat

Create concrete blocks with the concrete block mould 160x40x80 cm top flat to finish your concrete block walls neatly.Superblock concrete block 160x40x80 top flat Just like the regular blocks 160x40x80 cm, the top flat blocks are narrow and high. This makes the concrete blocks very suitable for creating narrow but strong fences and borders for gardens or industrial terrain. The difference between the regular blocks and top flat blocks is the absence of studs on top. This makes the blocks perfect to neatly close off concrete walls.


Specifications of the concrete block mould 160x40x80 cm top flat:

  • Flat top surface
  • Stud connection underneath for 4 studs
  • Narrow and high blocks
  • Fits perfectly to regular concrete block moulds 160x40x80 cm and 160x40x40 cm
  • Makes finishing walls easy!



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