Concrete block mould 160x40x40 cm

The blocks made with the concrete block mould 160x40x40 cm from Superblock are half the height of the blocks from the 160x40x80 cm mouldSuperblock concrete block 160x40x40 cm. The low, narrow blocks are very suitable for the construction of borders. The blocks are easy in use, which makes them the most used concrete blocks with landscape companies.

Are you looking for a borders which doubles as a retainer wall? It is highly recommended to use heavier concrete blocks. You can easily produce the with the concrete block mould 160x80x80 cm or 180x60x60 cm.


Specifications of the concrete block mould 160x40x40:

  • 4 studs which fit together when stacked
  • Narrow and low blocks
  • Easy to handle and process
  • Produced quickly
  • Most used model with non-industrial solutions


Your fencing with concrete blocks 160x40x40 cm is easily finished with Superblock partition walls, the concrete block mould 160x40x40 cm top flat or 160x40x40/90º roof.


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