Concrete block mould 160x40x40 90° roof

Superblock concrete block 160x40x40 90 roofUse the Superblock concrete block mould 160x40x40 90º roof to fnish your walls neatly. With the roof-model moulds you can make concrete blocks with a roof model top. These blocks can be used as a closing row of blocks on a wall to make a neat finish and to prevent material from building up on top of the wall. This not only looks good, it ensure a longer life span of your concrete blocks with aggresive materials.


Specifications of the concrete block mould 160x40x40 90º roof:

  • Roof structure on top side
  • Stud connection underneath
  • Great addition to your concrete block walls


This block fits perfectly with the blocks which are produced with the concrete block moulds 160x40x80 cm and 160x40x40 cm.


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