Concrete block mould 150x60x60 cm

The Superblock concrete block mould 150x60x60 cm is next to the 160x80x80 cm mould the most used size for industrial solutions.Superblock concrete block 150x60x60 groot The concrete blocks 150x60x60 cm are usable for building flexible storage solutions which can endure great force. Additionally, the blocks are easier to use than the larger concrete blocks 180x60x60 cm.


Specifications of the concrete block mould 150x60x60:

  • 10 studs which fit together when stacked
  • Strong for industrial solutions
  • Easier in use than larger models


Superblock offers several accessories for this mould. Use our partition wall 60×60 cm, the concrete block mould 150x60x60 cm top flat or 150x60x60/90º roof mould to finish your industrial walls neatly.


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